Surgical Strike by Indian Army: The perfect retaliation!

After the dastardly (shameful, low) attack in Uri by Pakistani terrorists, almost every Indian had these questions in mind – till when will we be attacked with impunity (freedom, without any consequences)? How long would we remain content in being labelled a soft state? What will it take to bring to culmination (end, conclusion) these preposterous (ridiculous, outrageous) acts of a failed stated? For how long will our response to their belligerence (fight, violence) be restricted to diplomatic maneuvers (movements, efforts)? Endless debates, a multitude (host of, many) of intellectual discourses (speeches, dialogues), defence intelligence experts’ panel discussions, all argued on both sides, talking about a need to put in a place a counter offensive strategy yet obviate (avoid, remove) a  full scale war. I believe that no one can refute (deny, reject) the ill consequences of a war, especially at a stage where India is striving hard to becoming the next global behemoth (enormous, giant) on an economical front. For reference, we were the world leaders in global trade share in 1857, and simply by the standards we have set in the past, undoubtedly, there is still a long way to go to redeem our global stature on the economic front. Simply put, war is the last thing our economy can afford. Much more than economics, I am sure, everyone is more than aware of the wide-scale catastrophe (disaster, calamity), that a plausible (probable, likely) nuclear warfare can wreak (inflict, impose) upon both the countries, which unequivocally (unambiguously, clearly) undermines (weakens, reduces) any efforts to instigate (trigger, initiate) a full scale war.

An impeccable (perfect, error-free) surgical strike, thus remained our only pragmatic (practical, doable) option to accomplish both the objectives – send out a clear, stern message yet circumvent (avoid, obviate) a full scale war. Our highly sophisticated and trained bravehearts of the special forces, backed by the highly accurate intelligence, were swift to respond and within a four hour covert (secret, clandestine) operation, decimated (killed, obliterated) the abhorrent (repulsive, hateful) perpetrators (who commit, culprits) of terror and their ghastly (horrific, distressing) dungeons (vaults, chambers). The coward war mongers were hit in their own den across the LOC by the true champions of battleground and shown their right place.

As much as our culprit neighbor tried to deny the existence of any such a strike, they still contradicted their own selves by condemning this assault by our forces. Utopian (ideal, naïve) it may have been an aspiration of theirs to mobilize (gather, move) some global support behind this incident, it only ended up isolating them even more. Perhaps, for the first time ever, India has garnered so much international backing. From New York to Dhaka, from Paris to Sydney, with the entire world been ravaged by this epidemic of terrorism, it is not an intellectual challenge to decide whose side any rational nation would take yet credit must also to go the super active & engaging foreign policy of the incumbent (current, present) government to put forth cogently (clearly, persuasively) our concerns backed by facts and figures.

It is inevitable (unavoidable, definite) that our neighbor will not be able to procrastinate (delay, stall) its inaction against these non-state actors without becoming a global pariah (outcast, exiled) , and till the time these puerile (foolish, childish) acts occur, our armed forces will ensure that the propagators (spreaders, perpetrators) are inflicted back damages of much larger proportions.

Proud of Indian Army! Jai Hind!

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