Vocabulary: Fear or Fun!!

Hello Everyone!

This is Ashutosh, your host, your friend, your facilitator, your buddy, your partner, on this enthralling journey that will transform your perceptions about Vocabulary and English language in general. The fact that you have landed here, perhaps indicates that you too are a victim of a notion that Vocabulary is too tough a game to master or too tall a mountain to scale. Well, if you think so, you are thinking perfectly normally 🙂

Before we begin, would like to give a brief introduction of myself. I am an Engineer by graduation, an MBA by post-graduation, and a Manager by profession, born and brought up in the Pink City of India, having resided across geographies ranging from God’s own Country to the capital city of the largest democracy of the world, and now currently settled in the Bollywood city of India. An ardent cricket lover, singing is my passion and hobby and writing blogs is something that I am exploring now. I believe that I love English language and this is one experiment that I am willing to do. Thus, just like you are here to embark on your journey to learn new words, I am here building a whole new hobby for myself- blogging!

Now as we start, this is going to be extremely simple. This is just going to be the way I did it. And when I say I did what, I mean the technique that helped me not only crack one of the toughest English based exam of India – FMS Delhi, but score 99.99 percentile in the vocabulary section. Notwithstanding, mastering Barron’s was a key component of that preparation.

So here comes the approach that worked for me and which is what I am exactly going to structure this blog like. And this is not any rocket science and definitely does not require you cramming up tonnes of volume of verbosity, but will use the class 4th lessons from “Make sentences using so & so words”. Yes, we would learn new words through some interesting content written by me spanning across different domains like cricket, entertainment, current affairs, politics, history etc etc. The big idea is to be able to relate strongly to the content, so as to understand the meaning of the word through the context and learn its usage through the situation in which it has been used. This will solve for two purposes – you learn the word meaning and you know its usage. Works? Does it? So the next blog post will surely add some flavour to the dish. Really? Did we just come across a few tough words like – facilitator, enthralling, ardent, embark ? Simple, isn’t it!

See you over the next blog.

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