The curious case of Arvind Kejriwal

Since times immemorial, the Indian history has been witnessing a plethora of characters whose acts have left an indelible (can’t be removed) mark on the fate of this nation, whose judgements and decisions have no less been epochal (defining historical moment). Be it the likes of Ambhi, Jai Chand, Najeeb ud Daula or Mir Jafar, quislings (traitors, backstabbers) as these have inundated the history with many a treacheries which suppurated (weakened, deteriorated) our strength as a nation and created worst possible outcomes.

Hence it is of little surprise if Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi, whose ascension to fame in the contemporary Indian political scenario has been no less than extraordinary, turns out to be a bad apple. A progeny  (born of, child) of Anna’s honest movement; a culmination of the age old resentment against feudal dynastic political war lords, Kejriwal’s emergence was a panacea (medicine, cure) of sorts to millions of Indians. He was hailed by some as a knight with the shining armour who would cull (kill, slaughter) the evils of corruption and political indulgence; by others as the wizard with a magic wand who would conjure (produce, furnish) up tricks to weed out (eradicate, uproot) nepotism (favouritism, partiality) and bribery out of the Indian bureaucracy.

As he adumbrated (give incomplete idea, faint outline) his vision of a corruption free India & Delhi, the Delhi junta, as if accomplishing a state of satori (state of enlightenment), was swept away by rhetoric and ushered in, perhaps the strongest mandate that modern democratic India has seen, in his favour. As Mr. Kejriwal wheedled (deception, achieve by flattery) his way to the coveted seat, and ensconced (stabilize, establish firmly) his position in the annals of Indian history, the promising and change-harbinger (forerunner, pioneer) integument (outer layer, covering) weathered away to transform into an obstreperous (rowdy, shouting) excuse-monger, rabble rouser character-sketch. We all witnessed a vagary (unexpected, deviation) in the form of phenomena like “central govt blaming” & “belligerence towards LG” least expected as “strategies” to deliver on the “mission & vision” to eradicate corruption from India. Be it the munificence (generous, large hearted) to enhance the pay packages of Delhi MLAs or the ever unending calumny (slander, false propaganda) against our PM, we have seen all possible manifestations of how wrongly a collective judgement of a large populace can end up like. Who was visualised as expedient (worthwhile, useful) to the achievement of “Ram-Rajya” in our complex country, turned out to be the very nemesis (downfall causing) of a hope last standing, leaving it more acarpous (lifeless, weak) than ever.

But the line was crossed when he questioned the Indian Army to deliver proof of the surgical strikes carried out recently in the terror factory of South Asia. Even more than the insouciance (carefree, indifference) with which the corroboration (proof, evidence) was sought, what was appalling (terrible, hurtful)  was a complete lack of compunction (guilt, penance) with which this brazen (shameless) act was defended.  The public opinion was virally dragooned (forced, coerced) into vociferous (loud, strong) slander (insult, malign) & condemnation of these puerile(childish, immature) remarks that questioned the very commitment & integrity of the custodians of our freedom. Rightly so, the people are intelligent enough to distinguish between statesmanship and such dastardly (horrible, shameful) acts to gain cheap political mileage.

There have been several accusations & conspiracy theories doing corners, be it illicit funding via Ford Foundation or anti-national interests being furthered through some under-cover secret foreign intelligence agency tie-ups, proofs of which can only be derived by some thorough investigations and correct law bound procedures. I am neither an authority nor in capacity to accuse a Chief Minister of such misdemeanours (wrong-doing, crime), but I can only feel sad and ashamed as a citizen of a democratic set-up to see people in responsible constitutional positions taking imbecile (ridiculous, childish) stands and making a mockery of ourselves on the global stage.

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