Vocabulary is often the most feared, dreaded word when it comes to honing English language skills or preparing for exams that Test proficiency in the language. If you are here, then most likely your objective is to strengthen this aspect of your language and learn new words. Not only, is building vocabulary an intimidating task but it can be equally mundane, if we adopt the cramming up route/rote learning. More often than not, the output to effort ratio is quite minimal and we end up forgetting most newly learnt words. Then it brings us to the classical question – “How do I improve my vocabulary?” Or rather, to articulate the question better – “What is a good/efficient way/best way to build my vocabulary?”. For scholars who are planning to ace the next CAT/GMAT/GRE/ TOEFL, and fulfill their dream of getting into the Ivy Leagues of the world, the burning question remains – “Which is the best methodology to ace vocabulary?”.

Bettermyvocabulary.com provides a solution to all the questions posed above! I will attempt to break down the problem into the three aspects that makes mastering vocabulary such a difficult task and will explain how bettermyvocabulary.com addresses these and is one of the most powerful tools that you would have come across to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Unfamiliarity – In our day to day exposure to English as a language, we come across a limited set of words, easy to pronounce and simple to understand. Unfortunately, the competitive exams test us on the vast unchartered territory of written English comprising words that we seldom come across in our usual exposure to English, whether its Hollywood movies, TV Shows, English newspapers, English News Channels, or Cricket commentary. Bettermyvocabulary.com brings a myriad of difficult and unfamiliar words under one roof, providing exposure to terms that you would otherwise see for the first time in the exam where you are supposed to provide its meaning/comprehend it so as to make sense out of  something largely abstruse.
  2. Usage – One of the biggest factors that inhibits learning of new words is a lack of understanding of the usage or the part of speech, the word is. If I were to simply list down some seemingly difficult words – contumely, disparage, insouciance, delectable, apposite, charlatan, proscribe, innuendo etc, and ask you to cram their meanings up – yes, with some effort, you would be able to know the meaning, but is knowing the meaning just sufficient? Let’s take the case in point of  word – contumely, meaning insult. Honestly, what do you think contumely looks like – an adjective (something like lonely/ lovely)? Perhaps, if someone asks you to explain contumely, you may give an example, of something similar to sounding like “humiliating” – “The contumely words made the girl’s father, a poor farmer, feel uncomfortable in the meeting with the boy’s rich landlord father”. Or on second thoughts, it looks like a verb (something like imply/comply) ? “The boy’s rich parents contumlied the girl’s poor parents with regards to their economic status”. Getting confused? Err, perhaps contumely is an adverb (something like gently/slowly)! “The boy’s rich landlord father spoke contumely to the girl’s poor farmer father”. Well, none of the above is correct! Contumely is actually a noun :(. The correct usage would be something like – “The contumely directed at the girl’s  poor father was an outcome of sheer arrogance of the boy’s rich landlord father.”  Bettermyvocabulary.com would provide the usage that will make it easy to not only know the meaning but also demonstrate the way its supposed to be used.
  3. Context – I believe, much more than the meaning and the usage, the most important aspect that helps in quick learning of a word is – context. By context what I mean is, exposing the word within a situation, that is relatable to the reader and because of the familiarity of the situation, the reader understands the meaning of the sentence and can easily back-guess the meaning of the word. When already aware of the meaning and the usage, cognitively, becomes easy to not only learn the word but also extremely difficult to forget the meaning. Bettermyvocabulary.com would make learning new words and mastering vocabulary extremely easy by simply using them in situations that we all can relate to and are exposed to in our day to day lives – whether its current affairs, burning issues, topics of debate in social media or topics of common interest like Cricket, Bollywood, Politics etc. Visualize learning  a new word through a headline of review of one of SRK’s recent movies – Raees. “Shahrukh’s portrayal of the Potentate (king, ruler) of Gujarat’s under-world seeks to glorify the anti-hero protagonist”. Rings a bell?

To summarise, bettermyvocabulary.com would seek to provide content in the form of articles on topics of common interest, comprised of difficult and extremely unfamiliar words, with their meanings, so as to aid in the learning of meanings along with accurate usage, so as to ultimately, enrich and improve Vocabulary! So Happy Reading 🙂